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Skincare Services

Get Glowin Express

Got a special event you want your skin to glow for? Then this treatment is for you! Book this service a day before your event to have the freshest face and glow. Products used to quickly whisk away dullness to revel your real glow. Facial includes double cleanse, enzyme, mask, serum, moisturizer and SPF. -30min


Extraction it out/Acne

For those who suffer from black heads to acne, extra time and attention to area(s) of concern. This treatment uses specific products and tools to get your skin squeaky clean. Education offered for at home products and treatment. Start your skin clearing journey here! Facial includes double cleanse, deep exfoliation, extractions, mask, blue light therapy, serum and moisturizer. -60min


Back to clean

A relaxing treatment that combines a back massage and facial for the hardest to reach area on your skin. Treatment includes double cleanse, deep exfoliation with exfoliating gloves (the best back scratch ever) light extractions if needed, mask, massage and moisturizer. As always, all facial treatments come with extra steamy towels. -60min


Meditate ME Facial

A guided meditation treatment for those who want total relaxation. Option to choose an oracle card that resonates with you and mediate on the message. Facial includes a double cleanse, exfoliation, light extractions, mask and massage (including decollete) serum, moisturizer, red or blue light therapy and SPF. -60min


Awaken your Inner Goddess Facial

This lux treatment will bring out the goddess in you! Treatment begins with choosing a crystal (to take home) and an oracle card that speaks to you. We will go in depth on the various meanings of the card and cystal you've chosen during treatment. Facial includes double cleanse, exfoliation, light extractions, mask and massage (including decollete) serum, moisturizer, red light therapy and SPF. Treatment finishes with a lavender scalp massage with high frequency comb to promote hair growth. -90min


Facial Treatment

Lashes, Waxing & Add Ons


Brow Wax


Lip & Brow








Lash Lift & Tint


Strip lash application


High Freq + Scalp Massage


Declotte Mask


Gua Sha Facial Massage

* All pricing subject to change

Permanent Eyebrows
Man Getting a Facial
Facial Treatment
Eyebrow Treatment
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