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Spa Pedicure 


Besides having your nail shaped, cuticle and callus removal, you will enjoy this spa package which includes exfoliation with your choice of sugar scrub and relaxing hot stone massage. We strategically massage the feet with hot stone using Aroma Therapy oils to relieve soreness and tension leaving you feeling completely rejuvenated. Followed by warm paraffin wax treatment which helps soften and moisturize your skin. Polish your nails with large variety of top tier regular polish (Additional $15 for gel/shellac polish)


Paradise Pedicure


Had a long day at work? Feeling sore after a workout or a marathon? This pedicure includes 20-min massage with your choice of exfoliating sugar scrub and hot stone massage. After moisturizing your feet with paraffin wax, we firm your skin with hot towel wrap. Polish your nails with large variety of top tier regular polish (Additional $15 for gel/shellac polish)


Tropical Couture Pedicure


Love having your feet massaged? Sit back and relax with a glass of wine while your feet are pampered in a sea of natural bath salt. Enjoy a relaxing massage with our soothing scrubs, followed by adding herbal masque to your legs and finished with a nice hot towels wrap and paraffin wax dip. Polish your nails with large variety of top tier regular polish (Additional $15 for gel/shellac polish)


CBD Pedicure


We will begin by soaking your feet in warm water infused with CBD Salt Soak. We massage your feet with CBD sugar scrub to exfoliate and work tinto your skin. We will cut and clean your nail and cuticle to your satisfaction. Using CBD Lotion, we massage your feet again to ensure that your feet are pain free and your skin is soft and smooth. This is followed by hot stone massage to ensure blood flow evenly in your feet. We apply CBD toning masque and wrap your feet with hot towel and paraffin wax to ensure total relaxation. We finish by perfectly polishing your toe nails with color of your choice.


Deluxe CBD Pedicure


​Having a stressful day? Come and enjoy our CBD Deluxe Pedicure with a glass of wine. Our CBD Deluxe Pedicure starts with CBD Detox Volcano that you can experience the bubbling Volcano eruption. The services followed by CBD exfoliating sugar scrub massage, cuticle and calluses cleaning. We also includes an additional massage with hot stone, and paraffin wax on your feet with Collagen Cream Maske wrap with steamed towels. Then, we will apply CBD Collagen Massage Lotion on your feet and legs to melt away your stress.


Prince/Princess Pedicure 


Pamper your little princess or prince with our petite pedicure. Our pedicure includes nail shaping, pushing back the cuticles and foot massage with our refreshing orange sugar scrub. Followed by warm towel wrapping over their feet. Finish with their choice of regular nail polish.


Champagne Pedicure


Champagne is delicious and the symbol of celebration. But do you know Champagne is also good for your skin? It contains resveratrol which is an antioxidant providing anti-aging benefits. We now offer you the experience you will never forget with our Champagne Pedicure. Start by soaking your feet in Champagne water diffused with our collagen package essence your skin would love the pampering and refreshing effect of the powerful combination. Then you can relax with a glass of chilled bubble while we massage your feet with Luxury sugar scrub of your choice combine with Champagne to exfoliate all the dead skin. After we make sure that your nail and cuticle are cleaned, we give you another rub down with Luxury lotion leaving your skin soft and supple. This followed by hot stone massage that help regulate blood flow in your feet. After the double massages your feet are ready for the firming masque wrapped with hot towel and paraffin wax that promised to leave your mind relaxed and stress-free and your skin glow like never before. We complete by polish your toenail perfectly with the color of your choice. You are now ready for the Red Carpet!


Gentleman Pedicure


Designed specifically for our male patrons, the Gentleman Pedicure is the best way to clean and refresh your feet. It begins with a nice warm soak. Next, cuticles are attended to and thoroughly tamed, nails are clipped and shaped. Followed with our relaxing exfoliation foot massage, hot stone massage, hot towel wrap and paraffin wax treatment. Lastly, your nails are buffed to perfection.


Botanical Herbal Spa Pedicure


Enjoy the pedicure with our unique recipe of organic herbal spa treatments: Rejuvenation, Congestion Relief, Herbal Detox, etc. Find out more here.


Jelly Spa Pedicure


Experience the latest trend to grace our salon - Jelly Spa Pedicure! A Jelly Pedicure takes your typical pedicure experience to the next level... and we can't wait for you to try it. 

Benefits of the Jelly Pedicure are that the dense jelly mixture massages stressed muscle and acts as a gentle exfoliate. Jelly retains water naturally and combined with the fragrant oils in the Jelly Pedicures, moisturizes and softens dry cracked skin.

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